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My work investigates light, space and time via my process based photography. I am using light as a matter, fascinated with the irregularity of transitional light, and with how it is both apparent and present, yet ungraspable and in constant shifting.

In my practice of direct photography I use various sources of natural and artificial lights  and long exposures combined with spontaneously choreographed body gestures of moving in space. 

Light and passing time are shaped into compositions of drawings, spatial objects and space which invite the viewer to reflect and contemplate thus expanding the perceived space.

My work is influenced by the Abstract Expressionism movement  and the Concrete Photography genre. 

I am not interested in portraying the outer world. By fragmenting light into some of its inherent elements - texture, transparency, hues of color and shade, shaped by my moment with the camera in space, I am investigating the pictorial potential of the photographic process itself, creating abstract images that are self-referential, pictures of the process of their own production, pictures of photography.

Artist Statement (Hebrew) - click to open

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